On the last night (Summer 2016)

Tonight is our last night in Argentina.  It’s bittersweet.  We have had such a wonderful time over the last two weeks.  But, the girls are starting to ask about when they will see their grandparents and their dog.  W has asked more than once about our car.  Both girls have been asking about their friends and N has even wailed, “I will only be able to remember their names for 11 more days!”  It also happens to be her birthday soon after we return to the States, and there’s some excitement about getting home in order to celebrate the big day.

So, it’s time.  But, heading back home also means that we will need to take our real lives off of “pause” in short order. It’s been such a joy to see how nicely the girls get along, how creative they are, and how flexible and resilient they can be, and the prospect of getting back into the routine of work and school and after school-activities casts a bit of a shadow over the last night.

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