Sommartid in Sweden (Summer 2018)

Last summer I had the chance to go to a conference in Uppsala, Sweden, and decided to make my work trip a girls trip.  Our youngest, W, had a very sweet obsession with all things Swedish, so it only seemed right that she get to see Sweden for herself.  Her big sister and my mom also came along, and we enjoyed spending time together exploring a little piece of Scandinavia.  I’m also happy to report that Sweden lived up to W’s (high) expectations!

We began our trip in Stockholm.  We spent the first couple days wandering the Gamla Stan and exploring the Stockholm Cathedral and the Royal Palace, where we even had a (brief!) princess sighting!

We lucked out with great weather and spent two fun days out in the sun at Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s throw-back amusement park, and Skansen, an open air museum that chronicles Sweden’s agrarian past.  The girls really enjoyed the pony rides and traditional games at Skansen and rode ALL the kid rides at Gröna Lund!  All four of us enjoyed the Vasa Museum, which houses a 17th century warship that sailed for only a few minutes before it sunk into the Stockholm harbor, where it stayed for 333 years before it was salvaged in 1961.

After our time in Stockholm, we took the train up to Uppsala, where my mom and the girls explored every playground in the city and I went off to a really stimulating conference on ending atrocities at Uppsala University.

It was a great trip and, as always, the best part of traveling with the girls is watching them learn, explore and enjoy their time with each other.

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