VT – CT – NYC (Christmas 2018)

This year we headed east for Christmas with stops in VT, CT and NYC!  First up: Stratton Mountain, VT.

We were sooo looking forward to a few days of skiing, but sadly, the weather did not cooperate.  Torrential downpours followed by wicked winds and low temps made the first two days a bit of a bust, but hearty New Englanders that we are, we managed to get the girls on skis and down the bunny slope by the second afternoon. (Thank goodness for a covered magic carpet that provided a little break from the wind!)  We then made the most of clear skies and manmade snow on day 3.

Nola took off–cautiously–right away and really improved over the course of a day and a half.  She even made it top-to-bottom on Stratton’s long beginner trail.  Willa was a bit more skeptical, but once turning clicked, she was off carving some pretty amazing (nearly parallel!) turns.  She was a speed fiend but never quite picked up stopping, so she was a bit of a wild card out there!

After our time skiing, we headed back to CT for Christmas and family time.  We did some crafts with Mama, went skating at Papa’s rink and enjoyed every last minute of Sonny’s Christmas festivities.

Before heading back to Nebraska, we took a day to enjoy NYC.  We joined all of our closest friends from the tri-state area and everywhere else around the globe.  (I love being in the city but it felt like a zoo even to me.)  The girls’ favorite part of the day was wandering around Central Park and “bouldering” on all rocks and crags.  Both girls want to go back to explore the city more, but the next time we go, we’ll have to make sure it’s not holiday break.

All told, it was a fun week back East and a great way to wrap up 2018!

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