Where in the World?

I am in Oslo, Norway, right now and I’ve been doing a little work on the blog. (I just got my Christmas 2018 post up and I’m working on Christmas 2017!) It made me wonder where all I’ve been and where I have yet to go. Just for fun, here are my global and U.S. travel maps. (To “count” I had to do more than drive through or transit in an airport.)

My global travel map (May 2019)
My U.S. travel map (May 2019)

I’ve traveled far and wide (41 of the 50 U.S. states–plus D.C.–and 20) countries–plus Vatican City). There are, of course, lots of gaps (Africa, the Middle East, the Caucuses).

The girls have traveled their own share of miles. Here are our family maps, as best I can remember them. To be included on this map, at least one of the girls had to be on the trip (e.g. Willa wasn’t born yet when we went to Germany). You can see the line of states that take us from NE to MI and CT!

Family global travel map (May 2019)
Family U.S. travel map (May 2019)

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