(A Covid) Christmas in Connecticut (December 2020)

Minus our brief trip to the Black Hills, 2020 was pretty light on the travel front. We skipped our annual summer trip to the East Coast to visit family and decided instead to hunker down in Nebraska. By the time Christmas 2020 rolled around, though, we were ready to strike out on the road…literally.

In order to avoid crowds and keep everyone safe, we decided to rent an RV and drove ourselves to CT. In addition to being fun and convenient, one added bonus was that our pup, Ollie, was able to come along. And yes, he is a dog, not a pony, despite being decidedly enormous. He enjoyed co-piloting the RV and snoozing in the bottom bunk bed.

Once we arrived in CT, we were treated to a snazzy ice rink that my parents installed in their front yard.

In addition to skating, we spend time learning archery, tried our hand at the lathe, and, of course, waited eagerly for Santa.

All of our fun left some of us absolutely wiped!

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