East Coast, West Coast, No Coast: Other 2021-2022 Trips

I ran out of steam to write posts for all of our trips during the 2021-2022 school year, so here is a quick run-down of some of our other travels.

East Coast: Summer 2021 in Connecticut and Upstate New York

As we do every summer, we spent a wonderful week on the East Coast reconnecting with family. We enjoyed time in the pool, on the lake, and even…on the train.

West Coast: Christmas 2021 in Portland and Mount Hood, OR

For Christmas, we went to the West Coast to celebrate the holiday with C’s family. We started our trip in Portland, OR, and then headed up to Mount Hood for a few days of skiing, sledding, and winter fun. We got to enjoy the spoils of a major snowfall, which meant great skiing and beautiful surroundings.

No Coast: Minneapolis, MN.

After gymnastics and dance seasons that took us across the Great Plains, we ended the girls’ competitive seasons with a meet in Minneapolis. Before the meet, we had some time to enjoy the city.

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