SIX in Chicago (May 2022)

The day after school let out for the summer, we took off to Chicago for just one night to see the musical SIX, which is about the six ex-wives of Henry VIII. SIX became a family favorite over the holidays and was on constant repeat for months. We couldn’t wait to see this all-female show!

We arrived in Chicago early in the morning and took a lovely walk along Lake Michigan to the Field Museum. We really loved Ancient Egypt exhibit, which took us into a replica of a pyramid that included various sarcophagi archeologists have uncovered over the years, i.e. not replicas but the real deals.

After our trip to the Field Museum, we made our way back to our hotel, the JW Marriott Chicago, for a quick swim before dinner. The hotel was lovely and our room was very comfortable and spacious. We had dinner downstairs (it was good but not great) and then took off for the CIBC Theater.

Our expectations for the show were already ridiculously high and it exceeded every single one of them. The performers were fantastic, the live music was excellent, and the whole vibe was one of unabashed feminism. We LOVED it.

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